Sunday, November 16, 2008

Too Early For Xmas Movies? Never.

It is fast approaching my favorite time of year, and I'm getting into the spirit with movies! (I haven't started with the music yet, but that will be coming very soon--sorry Justin.) I bought Love Actually at Target today for $6.50! Bargain. It's one of my favorite anytime movies, but it's especially good around the holidays.

I also bought The 12 Dogs of Christmas for Lila. It's so cute! I mean, it's predictable and fluffy, but it's also sweet and warm and happy, which makes for a perfect Christmas movie. Plus, it has all sorts of doggies in could I resist?

Happy Early Merry!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My kid is crazy smart.

I had my first parent/teacher conference for L-Dawg yesterday! Basically, she's a genius. ;) Seriously though, her teacher explained that L's very advanced in math and language, farther ahead than kids that are a year older and that have been in pre-school a year longer. Her teacher said she'd been doing this for 10 years, and she didn't often have a kid that made her sit back and go "wow", but that L is one of those kids. She also said that L is very sweet, and puts all her toys and gear away without being told. So of course I'm wondering why that kid doesn't come home with me! All I'm getting is attitude these days.

Good job, baby! You're awesome.

Also, Happy Birthday to Justin! You'll be a crotchety old man in no time.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

We did it.

And it's a wonderful, hopeful day for America. I believe that after 8 looong years, we are finally on the right track.

And it heartens me to know that a fundamentalist, intolerant "Christian", hateful, fearful America is NOT the real, true America. They may be loud, but they aren't the majority. (And the Christian is in quotes because a loud, vocal segment of those folks proclaim as hotly as they can that they are followers of what Jesus taught,that they are the only true Christians: but in practice, in their actions.....not so much.) Where's the tolerance, love, peace, the hope for equality, for ALL of our brothers and sisters? Stinginess, exclusion, hate, that their idea of Christianity? How can that be justified? Is that really what they think Jesus was all about? In their heart of hearts, do they truly believe they are following Jesus' example?

--Let me be clear that I'm not saying that if you didn't vote for Obama, it automatically makes you any of the stuff above. I know people, am friends with people, who had legitimate policy issues and that's why they voted for McCain. My comments are about a specific subset of "Christians" who have done, said, and posted some of the most vile, hateful things I've seen in a long time. And now I'm done talking about that, because it isn't healthy, and it isn't the way our President Elect would want us to behave. --

Onward. Onward and upward. Tomorrow is waiting.