Sunday, November 16, 2008

Too Early For Xmas Movies? Never.

It is fast approaching my favorite time of year, and I'm getting into the spirit with movies! (I haven't started with the music yet, but that will be coming very soon--sorry Justin.) I bought Love Actually at Target today for $6.50! Bargain. It's one of my favorite anytime movies, but it's especially good around the holidays.

I also bought The 12 Dogs of Christmas for Lila. It's so cute! I mean, it's predictable and fluffy, but it's also sweet and warm and happy, which makes for a perfect Christmas movie. Plus, it has all sorts of doggies in could I resist?

Happy Early Merry!


Denis B said...

I'm a sucker for xmas movies as well. What are your other favorites?

It could be generational but I still love to see Its a Wonderful Life, Holiday Inn and the follow-up White Christmas (Holiday Inn, is better).

Terry I fond of a more recent picture, The Holiday. It has been running on cable lately and I think she watches it everytime.

So what are your other favorites?

ignoramoose said...

I love It's A Wonderful Life! I also like A Miracle on 34th Street.

Justin and I watched The Holiday last year! I really like Kate Winslet.

Karla said...

I've already been watching them too! I like to pick up 1 or 2 new ones a year as I LOVE watching them! The stash so far contains:

*The Nativity Story
*White Christmas
*Santa vs the Snowman
*A Charlie Brown Christmas - also includes It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown
*It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie
*Shrek the Halls
*Thomas & Friends Ultimate Christmas (picked this up at Target for $4.99 using the coupon in their toy book, also came with a toy train!)

So yeah I'm of the mindset it is never to early to start watching them!! I need to pick up at least one more this year!