Monday, January 12, 2009

National Western Stock Show

Despite my little bear having a terrible head cold, she still had a really terrific time at the National Western Stock Show this weekend! I wish we could have stayed longer so we could have seen the Mexican rodeo, but 2 and a half hours was L's limit. She was a trooper the whole time, but at the end she was really wilting and dragging. Still, she keeps telling me she wants to go again--but I'm sure her memories of the gigantitron ice cream cone that Grandpa bought her have nothing to do with her wish to go back (seriously, it was big, and she ate the entire thing).

Grandpa also took her into the cool petting zoo--there were llamas and chickens and goats and sheep and pigs milling about, and they were all so gentle! Bear loooooooved the goats, and didn't really care about any of the other animals. I thought the pigs were beyond cute, but L had zero interest in them (or the llamas, either)--it was all about the goats for her. So sweet!


fidget said...

aww she is so cute with the animals!

Denis B said...

Grandpa had fun too.

Rodeo next year and more cow vacuuming.

We should also go when the sheepdog trials are on. Watching the border collies and such work with the sheep is just great fun.

Glamorosi said...

It looks like a really nice time!

I've said this before but I can't believe how big she has gotten - she's adorable!

37 Questions said...

I am totally in love with that pig. I'll buy L that goat if you can get them to throw in the pig.