Friday, June 27, 2008

Icee & Wall-E

They make a fine combo!

Little Bear and I went to the talkies today; it was Bear's first time at a movie theater! She loved the whole experience, especially the shared Icee and popcorn. grin.gif ( I shouldn't have had any popcorn--it tastes good, but movie theater popcorn always makes me ill--I think it's the oil they use)

The movie The message (can't believe they went there with a "kid's" movie but am so glad they did) was dark and timely and right smack dab on. Very, very good. It's not too dark for kids, but grown ups will get the darker stuff. A little touch that I loved: the credits rolled over a bunch of stills of the movie characters, done in various art styles--I saw Impressionism, sketch, Atari block-y ET/Pitfall style, tile mosaic, watercolor, was neat.

If you are thinking you want to see this movie, I encourage you to do so. I loved it, and so did she---it totally works on so many different levels. Pixar have truly outdone themselves.


Jason Plett said...

Sounds pretty sweet, I used to loathe pixar, but I am starting to come around to it. Of course the kids love it so it doen't matter what I think ;). I don't know if you remember this but I really got a kick out of the fact that you call Lila "Bear". That has been Austins nickname since he was a baby. We think too much alike! By the way there was a great show I hope you caught, it was "how its made- WHISKEY". I was really impressed, and thirsty after watching it. They talked about all manner of whiskey. If you catch it check out the Owner of Jim Beam, he was my favorite.

Paula said...

Oh boy, a whole new world for you all to share!