Thursday, June 19, 2008

Welcome to the Universe

We're all family here.

I think this is so awesome. That word is overused, and I'm guilty of overusing it, too---but in this case, I really truly mean it. This is awesome.

Some of life's raw ingredients may have originated in space, says a new analysis of an Australian meteorite that adds more fuel to the controversial theory. Researchers discovered the organic molecules uracil and xanthine in the meteorite and confirmed they could not have formed on Earth.

These molecules, called nucleobases, are precursors to DNA, a set of genetic instructions for organisms on Earth.

"Emergent life systems may have adopted nucleobases from meteoritic fragments for use in an early and primitive genetic material, enabling them to pass on their successful features to the next generations," said study leader Zita Martins of Imperial College London.

We have cousins out there, roaming amongst the stars. Molecules, sure, but who knows where else they've been seeded, and what those seeds have grown into? Shivers.


Jason Plett said...

Panspermia, this has been a theory that I have embraced for years. I really loved this article. Of course me being who I am have also entertained the idea that aliens built the pyramids,hehe, I am past that now, but to be truthful I haven't totally discounted it.

ignoramoose said...

Jason, didn't we used to agree that the Art Bell show was A+? Now it sucks. :(

Jason Plett said...

It is definitely different than the Art Bell show. He brought something to the table that was uique. There were several attempt to field his replacement, and to be honest I think the George Noory is the best of the bunch. While different, he still has the same open mind when dealing with people that Art did, even when they go a little off base of reality. But to me that is what makes the show great.