Thursday, September 18, 2008

Go Obama!

Let's do this thing, Barack!

Edited to add: direct link to his plan on his website:


angela said...

The website on the ad goes to a google page, with ads - therefore he gets money every time someone pulls up that page. If you go to, it takes me directly to his donation page.

How can I find this plan that I hear so much about, but have yet to see any details on?

ignoramoose said...

Here you go!

Happy reading. :)

angela said...

The tax credit is $500 per person, per year - a max of $1000 per working family. I would guess being a SAHM would mean I am not working, therefore I can count on $500, IF we qualify for the break. What are the qualifications? They are not listed on the site. Where is that money coming from or being cut from? Again, not listed on the site provided.

Trade - This one is near and dear to my heart, because my in-laws have a business that is going bankrupt because people are turning to China for the parts they manufacture. It says they believe companies should not get tax breaks for going overseas. Most Americans agree with that, but the question is what are they specifically going to do to change those laws?

As far as the environmental items, who is going to pay for those programs? Where is that money coming from? It isn't laid out in the plan.

I won't bore you with every subject listed, but even that site doesn't provide a plan. Everyone WANTS those things, and everyone wants to hear those things are being addressed. But what is the actual plan to get those things addressed? My guess is plans will be nailed down during the election, but as far as the campaigns are going so far...Sounds like more of the same to me!

ignoramoose said...

Gosh, I'm sorry it didn't go into enough detail to satisfy you! I do hope you can find someone you can really be excited to vote for in this election... :)