Monday, September 15, 2008

So much fun.

We had sooooooo much fun! But now she's gone. Sigh.

I need to upload my tattoo pics....T has them on her camera, and I'll get them once she gets home and sends them. I got it on my FOOT and OMG that hurt. But it was totally worth it. I'll talk more about our ink once I get the pics. T's turned out...amazing.

T and I met Trish at Osteria Marco, which was wonderful, and Trish brought our old friend Liz to surprise me! Liz was in town for a few days for business. I haven't seen Liz in years, and it was fantastic to catch up. She currently lives in Berlin, but has been on extended stay in London. Among her many other globe-trotting and connections-having exploits, she gets her hair cut by Natalie Imbruglia's hairstylist, she's considering dating one of Lily Allen's exes, oh and she's met Chris Martin (Coldplay). It's fun to get some vicarious star-sighting and glamour through her! After Osteria Marco, we went to Beatrice & Woodsley for drinks. That place is seriously lovely. And the drinks are so fanciful and yummy!

The rest of the time, T and I hung out. We did hit Manitou Springs for a day. We watched a lot of movies, and ate a lot of fudge. T bought Bear a ton of presents--Bribes! We cried copious amounts of tears during Steel Magnolias. I introduced her to Good Times custard, which she now hates me for. It was wonderful. You know, we've been to Paris together and Seattle together, but this was the best time we've had, I think. It was just so chill and relaxing and awesome.

Can't wait 'til next time!


Corry said...

I'm glad you guys had fun! I would have done anything to be able to hang out with two totally awesome chicas like you!

bonobo said...

That's so great, sounds like you guys had a blast. I can't wait to see pics of the tats, I'm dyin' here!

You know you have to come to Seattle again, and this time the kids are old enough that I will march right over to Tab's house and pry the two of you outta there for some fun. I intend to thoroughly kick both your asses at pinball at Palmer's.

ignoramoose said...

Um, I will not go anywhere except for the Outhouse! Is that what it's called? The Outhouse, The Tool Shed, whatever.