Monday, September 8, 2008


My bestie is coming tomorrow! I can't wait. She lives too far away, and we see each other too infrequently, so when we do get together in person it's extra special. I'm sure I'll get to the airport all extra early just because I'll be Miss Antsy Pants.

I'm so excited! I set up Steel Magnolias to record for tomorrow, so we can watch that tomorrow night. I love Dolly Parton so much; she's totally one of my heroines. She just so cool and smart and funny and successful (on her own terms, too--she owns the rights to so many of the songs she's written! she's a very prolific song writer). And Steel Magnolias is, like, the epitome of "chick flick." My poor husband; I'm sure he'll have to go find something else to keep him busy tomorrow night. I seriously doubt that he'll be in a SM mood. ;)

On Wednesday we have something extra special planned. I'll update w/ pics after.

On Thursday, I think we'll take the lightrail and head downtown. I'm excited to show her The Tattered Cover and bum around LoDo for a little bit. One of my other friends' husband, (Trish--my girlie girl that I went to see Obama with!), is a partial owner of Osteria Marco (in Larimer Square), and we're meeting Trish there for dinner and drinks.

After that, it's open-ended! I might take her down to Garden of the Gods one day, because that's not to be missed. Otherwise, we're taking it completely by ear.

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