Monday, May 25, 2009

Of Tennis and Fire

I'm loving my French Open coverage...each year, TV tennis coverage gets better and better. And the Tennis HD channel? So good! Anyone that knows me knows how crazy I am about tennis. Poor Justin doesn't get get any TV time when tennis is on. Last year, Lila already knew what the red French clay is called (terre battue). I watch it obsessively, I tells ya! Right now the Roddick/Jouan match is on. I really like Andy Roddick; some people think he's kind of a dick, but I like that about him. I think he's funny. He got a new coach recently and went hardcore crazy about his fitness, and he's looking and playing better than ever. (As an aside: Justin Gimelstob is a total total douche and he sucks. He's a washed up player who never did that well in his pro career, and now he's a commentator for the Tennis Channel. He's a well documented sexist jerk. Anyway, the commentators were talking about how Andy just got married, like seriously newlywed status, and Gimelstob was all "79% of pro player marriages end in divorce!" Nice one, douche. Why does he have that little factoid stored in his brain, anyway?) Where was I going with all of this? Who knows! Um, yay tennis! Can't wait for Wimbledon!

Second random thing: Fire! Specifically, A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin. This is, like, the best fantasy fiction series ever. It's so so so good. And HBO is making a series out of it! I cannot convey how excited and happy this makes's going to be EPIC. Peter Dinklage has already been cast as Tyrion, which is such superb casting. If you are at all a fan of fantasy, do youself a favor and read this series before the HBO show comes out--you will not be disappointed!

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