Friday, May 15, 2009

We have butterflies!

Well, almost. We have chrysalises!

Lila got this super cool butterfly house as a Christmas present, and has been patiently (ahem) waiting to use it. My mom sent off for the caterpillars, and we received the package of live lil' cutesy caterpillars about a week and a half ago! They came in a clear plastic container, complete with air holes and all the food they would need until it was time for them to make their change.

We started with 4 caterpillars, but are down to 3 because SOMEONE (beagle *cough cough* beagle) got the container down from the table and tried to bite through the plastic. Lila and I returned home and found it on the floor---the caterpillars all seemed okay, but there was a teensy hole in plastic near the lid. I thought it was too small for anything to escape from, but a few days later, Lila noticed a creepy crawly on our window--it was an escaped caterpillar trying to find its way outside, the little stinker! We relocated him back to his little plastic home, but there was another caterpillar missing, and we still don't know what became of him. I hope he made it outside somehow.

This morning, Lila and I moved the 3 chrysalises to the butterfly house. Now we wait! In a few days we should have painted lady butterflys emerging. I'll take pictures when it happens.

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