Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer TV, eee!

Remember when summer TV used to be all reruns? I love that the television model is evolving and changing...among other things, it means I get quality programming all year round. For a TV addict like me, that's good stuff. *grin* This summer, I am most excited for two shows: True Blood (HBO) and So You Think You Can Dance (Fox).

True Blood is a vampire drama on HBO, and Justin and I are hooked. It's set in bayou land Louisiana in the present day, and it's gothic and intense and funny....there are so many great and memorable characters, the acting is terrific, the storylines are interesting. Plus, if you ever watched Deadwood, then you know how that show made shots of whiskey look so delicious (or did it just do that for me??); well, True Blood does that with ice cold bottles of beer. The characters are always hot and sweaty, and they crack open longnecks several times an episode...I swear it will make you crave a beer. Season starts June 12!

SYTYCD (for short) is such a joy to watch, and if you are a fan of dance or of American Idol, you MUST watch. It's a dance competition in the American Idol model, but so much better. I've been so moved by the choreography and performances, sometimes to shivers and tears--it can be that good. Of course, in the beginning, you have to get through the audition episodes, but the later part of the season is good good good. One of last year's top 10 finalists, Kherington Payne, is starring in the remake of Fame (coming to theaters I don't know when and am too lazy to look up). The winner of last season, Josh Allen, had no formal training! The judges were consistently amazed with his beauty, grace, and ability to pick up seemingly any dance style that was thrown at him. Seriously, he was incredible. I am so looking forward to the new crop! This season starts May 21 (Thursday!!) so set your DVRs.

What about you? What TV shows are you looking forward to this summer?

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