Friday, May 8, 2009

Pretty Much Perfect Friday

It's been a lovely, happy Friday for us. And I *knew* it was going to be a good day from the moment I woke up (well, from the moment I had coffee, actually, but close enough). Lila was in a sunny mood all day, the weather was beautiful, we did fun things.....really, just the perfect way to spend the day.

We decided to drive up to Bailey, CO for no particular reason. We wanted to toodle around, Bailey is a nice drive, so why not, right? We stopped in for lunch at this fantastically kitschy roadside hot dog stand, Coney Island. You know it's good when there's a line out the door, and Coney Island didn't disappoint. Lila had fries and a marshmallow milkshake, and I had fries and a dog. There were 5 or 6 hummingbirds flitting around, dipping in and out at the feeder. And Lila found a little bug that wanted to eat lunch with us, so between the milkshake, the hummingbirds, and the buggy, she was in heaven. :)

After that we drove up the road a ways and stopped to dip our feet in the cold mountain river water. Lila splashed and waded around and threw rocks. I put my feet in the water and looked at river rocks. Oh and this huge trout totally came to visit us! It was amazing, I've never seen anything like it. Lila was wading around, when all of the sudden we both saw this big trout swimming upstream, right next to her.....and then it flopped on the river bank, directly next to us! It was there for probably 5 seconds, barely long enough for me to snap a picture and hope it came out (it did, which I owe to the "good day" energy, I think...seriously I just pointed the camera and pushed the button, sure that I wouldn't get the pic). Then the trout flopped back into the water and continued on upstream. So cool!

On the drive home we had fun conversations in between singing along to music. It was the best way to end this day. You know, I was worried that I was going to jinx the day by feeling and acknowledging that it had an "awesome day" vibe, but that totally didn't happen. No tantrums, no whining, no grumpiness....just super good times. And now I am off to have a glass of wine, put my kiddo to bed, and enjoy my evening. Yay!
**Oh, and once again, the bandaid is just for show. She has about 7 bandaids adorning her body right now, and not one cut or scrape. **


37 Questions said...

Sounds like a heavenly day! I can't believe that trout got right up on shore to say hi, crazy!

fidget said...

what exactly is a marshmallow milk shake b/c it sounds divine and i want one RIGHT NOW!

that river right there, the one with your toesies and cutie splashing in, that is what I miss about CO. In Florida, if you get into a river, a gator might grab you and our lakes have brain eating amoebas

Sarah said...

Fidge, I don't know how they make it but it totally tasted like marshmallow! So good. I was thinking about getting a peanut butter one for myself but withheld.

Courtney B said...

mmmm marshmallow....
well done day!