Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'll be there.

For Obama's acceptance speech. I can't believe it....I am so excited! Rock on, dad! My dad scored me a ticket, and a ticket for my friend Trish, too (my dad totally has the connections, yo).

We are so so SO excited!

Now, to figure out how the hell we're gonna get there. It's gonna be a logistical nightmare--the highway will be shut down for awhile, there are rumors that the lightrail will have certain stations that won't be running, etc. Yikes!


dad said...

I am so glad that the ticket thing worked out. You can always say, I was there when.

Not only that, but I talked to a friend of mine today who is very close to the music business and she told me the rumor about Springsteen opening for Obama on Thursday is true. It was originally going to Bon Jovi, but for some reason that is not happening.

You never know until you get there, but what a blast, The Boss and The Obama on the same bill.

Unfortunately, they are not selling beer at the concession stands. 6 or 7 hours in the stands without beer??????


ignoramoose said...

No beer, I know!! And you know they'll be checking for flasks. ;)

You are a totally cool dad, you know that?