Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My feet are singing!

I went to a new spa today, Aspen Grove Salon and Spa, and had a sublime foot treatment! Linsey, my nail tech, was fantastic! She did a great job, but beyond that, she was so sweet and personable. She was great to talk to, but she was also in tune to my mood as well--she would quietly go about her work if she could tell I wanted to silently bliss out in the massage chair.

As for the treatment It lasted an hour and 15 minutes! I feel so pampered. I went for the deluxe pedicure, but they also have a basic $35 pedi, too. Next time, I would LOVE to try the ionic foot bath--combine that with some reflexology and OMG you'd have to carry me home.

Part of the allure of this spa is the ambiance; beautiful wood furniture, doors, and chair rails, soothing paint colors on the walls, complimentary wine & beer while you are getting treatments, a nice musical playlist in the background, etc. It looks like a place where you'd expect to drop a lot of dough, but from what I could tell, their prices seem fairly comparable to other places around here.

I have cute purple toesies, which I am sure will make my husband happy since I opted for purple nail polish instead of purple highlights in my hair-- which is what I really want.

Aspen Grove Salon and Spa, thank you for a lovely afternoon.

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angela said...

I am so glad you had a good time! I hope you got your 50% off!