Saturday, August 2, 2008

"When I got my library card, that was when my life began"~ Rita Mae Brown ~

So about twice a year or so, maybe a bit less than that, a group of friends and I do a book swap. We each get a buddy and buy them books we think they'd enjoy based on their favorite genres and books they've read & enjoyed in the past. There are usually several different categories, including fiction, nonfiction, wildcard (anything you fancy to buy), wishlist, etc. It's always so much fun to pick out books for someone else that I usually forget to look forward to what I might be getting. So I was pretty floored today when I got the book box to end all book boxes! My book swap buddy went above and beyond. The only "bad" part is trying to decide what to read first.....I'm thinking Myths To Live By, but The Tao Of Willie is calling to me, too. On the other hand, The Good Fairies of New York looks great. Auch, you see my dilemma!


Paula said...

Like your quote Sarah! What a TERRIFIC idea of your book swap! Who came up with it?

Corry said...

And you're a TERRIFIC book swap partner on the giving end, too!

I'm totally bummed that life is getting REALLY busy again so quickly, and it'll take me a while to read all of these great books!

angela said...


My mother-in-law and I have been swapping books for years. Two of my sisters have also joined in the fun - and we are working on the third. It is a great way to keep expenses down, keep reading fun and gives you something fun to talk about next time you get together.

The only bad thing, is when I find a book I love, I usually return the book long before I make it to the bookstore to add it to my collection. :)