Thursday, August 21, 2008

It was perfect....until the And Then.

We went camping! It was Chipmunk's first camping trip, which is weird because she loooooves nature and being outside, so I'm not sure exactly why we haven't gone before now. Anyway, all day yesterday, she had a total blast. She held a millipede for about 15 minutes, she went fishing, we went on numerous walks, she saw chipmunks and black squirells, we roasted hot dogs and made smores....I mean, it was a perfect camping trip. Everything I had hoped for and then some, really. (Until we get to the And Then... part)

Lake Wellington is BEAUTIFUL, just a gorgeous area---there were practically no other campers there--it really felt like we had this huge area to ourselves. And the rocks....the rocks were big and pretty and everywhere. We are a rock lovin' family, so this was a very good thing.

So anywho, here's the And Then!!! part. She went to bed without a problem--we cuddled up and made shadow puppets on the tent ceiling and giggled and had a very nice time. Then, for whatever reason, she woke up at about 3 am. I mean, was awake. And behaving awfully: yelling and being super loud and obnoxious, shining the flashlight in my face and in Granny's face, insisting she was hungry and thirsty but wouldn't drink any water when we went and got her some, just....the whole thing was not fun. We kept telling her she had to be quiet so as not to disturb any other campers that might be in the area, which only made her louder. So I took her to the car and sat with her in there, and then my mom came out and took the long shift with her so I could get some sleep back in the tent. At that point, we had decided that we were packing up and leaving pretty much as soon as we could. Which is exactly what we did; packed up and burned rubber home. Not a great ending.

But. I think we'll try again. She just had SUCH a good time the first day, and honestly she was great at the beginning of the night...I don't know what happened later. Maybe she was scared? She wouldn't say, so I don't know for sure.

Here are a few highlights:

Millipede Girl!


Can I Climb It?

4 am. Not Happy.

More pictures can be found here:


Jess said...

Awwww, that sucks that it was a bad ending :( Next time will be awesome!'

She's too cute!! I'd never touch a milipede ewwwww.

bonobo said...

I think she did a great job for the first try, but that doesn't make the nighttime antics any easier to deal with! I heart the one of her climbing the rock!

Beth (roundcat) said...

I can totally relate -- camping always starts out really fun but I end up throwing a fit and wanting to go home in the middle of the night. Some of us are just indoor bed and fluffy pillow girls. ;)

Jason Plett said...

I guess I don't see what went wrong, I mean seriously I still cry at 3am when I'm in the forest, I thought it was just me. Seriously I am glad she had a good time up until then, the campfire is the best part anyway.

Tabby said...

I gotta say, I'm laughing at your pain.
Sure she woke up too early, but you have to love that she was so perfectly goofy that time in the morning.

Paula said...

HA! Shining the flashlight in you & your mom's faces in the wee small hours of the morning! Just like her daddy did when we spent the first night in our tent. He was about 2 1/2 and we woke to the light and his words of glee: "I DID it! I DID it!" How can that be in the genes I wonder???