Saturday, August 2, 2008

Waffle House?

More like Awesome House! Ba dum dum.

Kid Rock may be a douche, but he has great taste in greasy breakfast joints, I'll give him that. I haven't been to a Waffle House in years and years, and I'd been reading some scary things about them on the interwebz, but holy smokes our local Waffle House rules! Full disclosure: I looooove greasy spoons, so I'm predisposed towards the short order cook types of places. If you're looking for asparagus & salmon eggs benedict, you aren't gonna find it at WH. But if you want a fried egg, some bacon & hashbrowns-- look no further! And hey, if you're going.....could you come pick me up?

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Paula said...

Sarah, I sure enjoy the style with which you write your blog! Very YOU!